how to get back with your ex

my boyfriend of two years let me for another girl because i accuse him of seen another girl and since then i have been trying to get him but he refuse to come back to me,he was not responding to my call or email and he even unfriend me in Facebook and he told me that he is done with me.i was searching on the internet for help and i saw a testimony of how a spell caster help them to get their ex back so i decided to give it a try and i contacted him and i explain my problems to him and he cast a love spell for me and guarantee me of 3days that my ex will come back to me and to my greatest surprise the third day a great miracle fell on me and my ex come back to me on the third day and he beg me for forgiveness  i will continue to publish his name because he is my Savior and we are about to get married.if you need him to help you Email:


2 thoughts on “how to get back with your ex

  1. brinda

    can i get my lover?i loved him. but i dont know he loves me or not. but i need him to see before my death. can u help me please


    1. doctorbalaya Post author

      You welcome to my temple where all kind of problem
      solve with the
      power of my great grand father,I accept your
      proceed with
      your wish I will need some detail about you so I could
      consulting my oracle,so fill my temple form and get
      back to
      me right

      Your real name:________
      Your age:_________
      Your country:_________
      Your photo:_________
      Your phone number:_________
      your ex name_________
      your ex photo_________
      Your occupation:_______
      Have you contacted and spell caster before YES or

      So fill my temple form and I will grant your wish
      Awaiting your urgent reply



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